Over twenty years ago we chose Dr. Beaty as our dentist. It was one of the best choices we ever made! As you enter his office, you are met with a warm, friendly greeting from a professional staff. Then you are rendered professional services by a dentist who has kept up with the latest dental advances. His services are gentle, courteous, and professional with the patient’s need at heart each visit. When it necessary perform some “special services” Dr. Beaty always followed up with a personal phone call to see how you are doing. The 70 mile round trip to receive his services is well worth the trip!
John and Marian Davis
Dr. Beaty is a excellent dentist. He is very thorough and takes his time to explain every procedure before hand. He genuinely cares about our smile and our family as well. Dr. Beaty took the time to get to know our family on a personal level that exceeded our expectations. Sherita Blue Dr. Beaty is a kind man! Dawson Blue: 8 years old Best dentist in the world! Vida Blue: 6 years old
Sherita Blue
Dear Dr. Beaty and Staff: Thank y0u for accepting me through the donated dental program. It has been such a blessing working with your office. I never would have been able to get all the work done that I have received. I know that I haven’t had dental care in a while and that my teeth were in bad shape. I needed so much done. I was a bit worried about getting the root canal done as I have never had one of those done before. You and your staff put me at ease. To be honest I was also a bit scared about getting the tooth pulled on the same side as my tumor from Neurofibromatosis because that side is very sensitive. I didn’t feel anything at all. With the crowns and bridge as well as getting my teeth cleaned, I actually like smiling again. I feel so much more confident. You have a kind and friendly office to all.
Rebecca Jackson
I have been a patient of Dr. Beaty’s for over 13 years and I would not consider having another dentist. He and his office have provided oral care to me and my siblings during our times spent in the Marlboro County area. The care that they administer is superb. I can remember always feeling as if we were members of the family whenever we went in for our visits. All employees took care to remember our names and showed special interest in explaining any issues that were observed. I recall having an accident back when I was in middle school that involved one of my teeth being knocked out. My parents called Dr. Beaty and he gave them strict instructions on what to do with the tooth and how to get me to the office as quickly as possible. Dr. Beaty was able to replace my tooth and offered much more consultation in the months to follow. Now even as an adult I still feel like a member of the office’s family.
Dallas Fletcher
Dentistry on Broad is the best place to go for your dental needs. Dr. Beaty and his staff are always very efficient, friendly and professional. This office is able to provide dental care to my husband and two children as well as myself. If you want to receive excellent dental care, this is the place to come.
Leslie Herndon
Dr. Beaty and his staff are always friendly and professional.  Their expertise shows when they even take time to explain procedures to my children and me.  They have taken great care of our whole family!
Heather Midgley
Dudley, I just wanted to thank you! You made me feel so comfortable and relaxed yesterday. Of course, half of my battle was won in the fact that I trusted you, you were very calming and reassuring, and it meant so much to me. I see me overcoming my fears of the dentist through you. Please let your staff know how professional and comforting they are to their patients. Thanks again for taking such good care of me.
Deborah McLaurin
Dr. Beaty, Thanks! I love my new teeth! Im probably going to enter in the Mrs. America contest now that I have a new and improved smile. Thanks for your hard work.
Terrie Sheets
Dudley, Thank you for calling in the medicine for Darin. It is so hard when there is something wrong and they are far away. I really appreciated your help.
Lori Reingardt
Dr. Beaty and Staff, I appreciate your support and generosity! You and your staff have comforted me during (which to me was a big deal) a difficult time. I want to say thank you for your time and helping me when I needed the help. Also, thank you for letting me come without an appointment and treating me so quickly!
S. Scida